Screen Solutions mission is to be the preferred development partner and supplier to selected leading international office furniture manufacturers.

We design and manufacture a wide range of screen systems, designed and built to be versatile and develop with your needs. They are all easy to install and re-configure. Our aim is to deliver products that help people experience work in a better environment.

In providing appropriate and effective solutions to the organization of space, we have created a comprehensive product portfolio. Our ranges are constantly evolving in response to current market demands, each designed with specific features to meet practical, functional, visual and economic requirements.

Our product portfolio spans a wide spectrum of screen systems - from total workspace solutions which provide completely independent free-standing offices, break-out and reception areas to individual workstations. We can provide intelligent screen systems that support high capacity cable management for today's I.T. and communications environments, to which third level storage and accessories can be added. This helps reduce the workstation footprint and saves valuable floor space.

At the other end of the scale, we also manufacture relatively simple, free-standing and desk-mounted screens for dividing space. These provide ergonomic workstations and help organise space.

The entire process from assessment through to design, from manufacture through to installation is controlled in-house. This unique, fluid approach ensures exceptional quality is maintained and allows us to respond quickly to new requirements as they arise throughout a project.

We also offer interior acoustic solutions for offices, schools, concert halls, libraries, banks, hospitals, call centres to name a few. Our dedicated acoustics division, Acoustic Comfort, are unlike other acoustic solution providers. Our team of highly skilled and technically trained staff are experts and market leaders in achieving effective acoustic solutions. Since 1992, we have been the sole UK licence holder for the sound masking LogiSon® Acoustic Network system.